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Process Description

Integrated circuits on semiconductor chips are created through oxidation, etching, expansion and various other methods to create a series of circuit diodes, transistors and other electronic components, completing a particular functional logic (AND, OR, NAND, etc) to achieve a required circuit function. Semiconductor production has high process requirements, encompassing lithography, precision cutting, grinding and other complex processes. These production processes produces large amounts of waste water with various types of pollutants such as complex chemicals, heavy metals, organic pollutants, silicon and fluorine traces. Semiconductor process cooling water (PCW) applications would require filtration of the PCW before reusing (see water treatment applications).


Cleaning Process for Various Wastewater Sources


 Cleaning Medium


 Cleaning Effect

 Photolytic Stripping

 Oxygenated Plasma

 Plate Reactor

 Removes adhesives

 Polymer Removal

 H₂SO₄: H₂O = 6:1

 Mixing Tank

 Removes organic compounds

 Natural Oxide  Removal

 HF : H₂O < 1:50

 Mixing Tank

 Creates anaerobic system

 Rotary Drying



 Does not produce residues

 RCA-1 (Alkaline)

 NH₄OH : H₂O₂: H₂O

 = 1: 1: 1.5

 Mixing Tank

 Removes surface particles

 RCA-2 ( Alkaline)

 HCl: H₂O₂: H₂O

 = 1: 1: 5

 Mixing Tank

 Removes heavy metals

 DI Cleaning

 Deionized Water

 Mixing Tank

 Removes cleaning solvents



• Volume of wastewater generated.

• Complex wastewater composition, with a variety of transition metals and contaminants such as:

     • Silicon

     • Germanium

     • High content of fluorine

• Complex wastewater with high concentration of COD.

Applicable Products

• Ceramic Membrane Filtration System

     • Small footprint

     • Centralised management

     • Intelligent control

• High outlet water quality

     • Phosphate and COD removed from wastewater

• Resistant to acidic chemicals

• Long lifespan

• Easy maintenance

• Simplifies process without addition of reagents

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