Silicon Cutting Wastewater Recycling
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Process Description


Prior to manufacturing semiconductors, silicon needs to be converted into wafers through various processes: silicon crystal growth, cutting & quality inspection, downsizing and surface finishing processes through grinding, cutting and etching to clean, polish, test and remove defects before packaging. These grinding processes use a large volume of ultrapure water to wash residual dust or metallic ion contaminants on the chips, producing wastewater after CMP cleaning and polishing.


Problem Description




Supernatant exits the supernatant tank through a pump with the use of pressurized water for progressive filtration of 10 micron bag filtration, 1 micron cartridge filtration, an activated carbon adsorption unit and 0.2 microns final precision filtration before entering the collection tank. Water from the collection tank will be passed through a reverse osmosis plant with the use of ceramic membrane filter for microfiltration of remaining supernatants to produce ultrapure water.

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