Produced Water Filtration
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The Process


Gas processing facilities employ a variety of “knock-out” devices and multistage separators to remove as much water vapor from the natural gas stream as possible. The produced water is reinjected for pressure maintenance, enhanced oil recovery, or is ready for disposal.


The Problem


The “produced water” contains varying levels of solid contaminants including iron oxides, iron sulfides and asphaltines (tar-like particulate) that must be eliminated prior to disposal or injection. Produced water filtration must remove solid contaminants efficiently and provide consistent filtration performance. Disposal of the produced water requires that the water quality meet local standards for Total Suspended Solids (TSS). When re-injecting produced water, any bypass or unloading of contaminant into the high pressure injection stream can cause injection well plugging or fracture, requiring expensive work-overs.


The Solution


Absolute rated filter cartridges and bags provide the required performance necessary in this critical application. 5 micron absolute  is recommended for optimal performance.


Products Suitable For This Application


Produced Water Application Guide

Feature-Tec Filter Product

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Produced Water

Produced Water processes have high impurity content including large amounts of soft deformable particles. Surface filtration systems such as automatic backwash filters, metal filters and membrane filtration are not suitable. In these applications, a high dirty-holding disposable filter element is the most appropriate solution.



Produced Water

Oil adsorption bags are made from high-precision polypropylene microfibers. It has excellent oleophilic properties, quick adsorption, high oil absorption capacity, acid & alkali resistance. It is the preferred choice for removing oil from produced water.


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