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Lubrication and hydraulic oil filters are key elements in an engine for efficient operation and maintenance of compressors other equipment. When ineffective oil filters are unable to achieve the desired requirements, the poor and inconsistent oil quality will cause the system to require emergency repairs within a short period of operation, resulting in mechanical damages and incurring high maintenance costs.




Contaminated lubrication and hydraulic oil results in engine and hydraulic equipment failures, increasing the frequency of maintenance. Rusty, crankcase and wearable engine parts must be cleaned with a suitable solution to ensure efficient operation and longer service life. Machine downtime due to inefficient lubricating oil filters, oil replacement and frequent filter replacement results in increased operation costs. Regular string wound and melt-blown filter cartridges require frequent change-outs due to losing their filtration efficiency from increased pressure, while pleated paper elements will become damaged due to rainwater, reducing their lifespan.


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Stand-alone, skid mounted equipment provides fully automated operation of the control panel, available in standard lubricating oil separation skid in fixed and portable systems, and with connection types for both continuous and batch processes.


Used to remove water from oil, particles and water droplets in lubricating oil are major contributors to equipment damage. Feature-Tec’s high efficiency coalescing filter element replaces traditional centrifugal device to rapidly remove water from the lubricating oil. Feature-Tec filters are simple to operate and require low maintenance and low purchase investment costs.


Feature-Tec designed a series of mobile filtration systems for intermittent and small batch applications. With a light system structure, high mobility, outstanding performance and easy operation, Justfit is the preferred choice for small and medium lubricant manufacturers and suppliers.

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