Inlet Gas Separation
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The Process


Natural gas gathering systems deliver large volumes of gas via pipeline to the central inlet of the gas processing facility. Removal of solid contaminants and free liquids present in the inlet gas is an important first step in the protection of the downstream processes.


The Problem


Iron oxides, iron sulfides, dirt and a variety of deformable particles suspended in field gas can flow directly into the processing system. Effective removal of these contaminants can prevent fouling in gas sweetening and dehydration systems. Multi-stage separators and/or coalescing filter system are typically used upstream of the sweetening system to provide protection. In both systems, cartridge filters will provide reliable particulate removal and long service life.


The Solution


The Cartridge filtration system, placed ahead of the liquid/gas coalescer or incorporated into the multi-stage separator will efficiently remove solids and deformable contaminants. Filtration protects the downstream processes and will extend the service life of the coalescer systems. Direct process benefits include:


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