Condensate Filtration Applications
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Boiler feed streams are composed of condensate from various sources, such as steam turbine condensate, sparse water and return streams from hot equipment (using steam as a heating source). Untreated condensate streams generally contain impurities from condenser leakage, thermal equipment corrosion and residual impurities. Most of the impurities exist as insoluble suspended materials such as iron oxide, iron hydroxide and other corrosion materials, which cannot be removed through ion exchange. If these materials are not removed, they will be deposited in the boiler, resulting in scaling, increasing the thermal load of the boiler, and compromising the safe operation of the equipment.


Product Benefits

• Ability to directly filter hot water.
• Low usage of backwash water.
• Simple equipment structure; easy operation and maintenance.
• Various options to achieve intended filtration results for a wide range of applications.
• Reliable, compact device to implement automatic control.

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