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VCM raw material filter 

It is especially important that the VCM raw material does not contain visible gels or other contaminants. These contaminants show up as fisheyes, or insulation failure sites. Off-spec PVC prevents use in high quality end uses commanding higher prices. Filtration of VCM is important for quality PVC.


Un-reacted monomers filter

Un-reacted monomers (mainly VCM) are recovered by means of a condenser. The recovery process generates foam in the reactor headspace. The foam carries with it PVC product beads that would foul the condenser and result in a process shutdown. Filter is recommended for condenser protection


Vinyl acetate co-monomer filter

Vinyl acetate (VAc) co-monomer is sometimes used to reduce crystallinity and allow a lower processing temperature of the end product. When used in a formulation, VAC typically comprises 9 to 15 weight percent of monomers. While pumping VAc into the reactor, a 5m absolute filter is recommended to assure uniform quality of all monomers fed into the reaction


Use of a high quality filtration system:

Assure uninterrupted manufacture of quality PVC products

Provide increased revenues 

Maximize yields 

Minimize downtime

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