Winding Mesh Metal Cartridge
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Winding Mesh Metal Cartridge
Winding Mesh Metal Cartridge
  • Winding Mesh Metal Cartridge
  • Winding Mesh Metal Cartridge

Winding Mesh Metal Cartridge (RM) adopts a metal woven net which is accurately controlled by computer, and has an extremely high filtration accuracy. It can meet high filtration requirements and has advantages such as high strength and long life.


Product Features: 

• Filtration accuracy 2-500μm

• Stable filtration accuracy

• Batch production in high temperature environment

• Low filtering pressure

• Suitable for low pressure backwash in place

• Anti-corrosion material

• Several connections and sizes available


Example: Product code ELCRM-E107B1 represents winding mesh metal cartridge for liquid applications, 10" length, connection type 7, Buna seal ring, 1 um micron rating
Code Material   Cartridge Length Connection Type   Seal Material  Micron Rating
ELCRM - Liquid Application
EGCRM - Gas Application
E - SS304
S - SS316L 
5" 10"20" 30"40"60" 2/4/6/
B - Buna N
V - Viton
S - Si. Rubber
2 -500um
Material: SS304, SS316L
(Titanium, Hastelloy & Nickel Allow also available upon request)
Dimensions: 2 - 250 mm diameter 

Filtration Rating: 2 - 500 um 
Operating Temperature: -269 ℃ to 650℃ 
*For other materials, please contact us
Winding Mesh Metal Cartridge is applicable for many applications in various industries such as:
Precision Instruments: Electric Valve Controlled Filter Guard /  Energy Industry: Turbine, Heat Exchanger Filters / F&B, Pharmaceuticals: In-line Filtration, Recycling Filtration / Chemicals: Hot Gas Filtration / Nuclear Power: Filter Guards, Vapor Filters, Nozzle Guards
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