Vane Type Demister
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Vane Type Demister
Vane Type Demister
Vane Type Demister
  • Vane Type Demister
  • Vane Type Demister
  • Vane Type Demister

Vane type demister is used for separating liquid impurities from gas streams, comprising a group of vanes which are closely arranged together to form a wave or saw-shaped gas flow path. Change of flow direction makes liquid drops contained in gas impact vanes to form bigger drops which are then discharged. It is recommended not to use demister to process dirty medium which may cause blocking, otherwise filtering efficiency will be reduced. Demisters can be vertically or horizontally mounted.

Production Standard: GB150 or ASME VIII-1


Operating Principle:

When a mist passes through a demister, due to its momentum, micro particles in it collide and adhere to the surface of the wave-shaped mesh. Due to the inertia of these particles, they are forced to coalesce with other particles to form bigger droplets of liquid in the direction of the mesh curvatures. These particles grow in size quickly as surface tension, centrifugal, frictional and adsorption forces work in synergy. They will filter off the wave-shaped mesh when the gravitational pull due to their ever-increasing weight exceed the combined effect of these forces. The multiple turns of the mesh inside the demister increases its efficiency as particles that are yet to be captured face the next curvature for a repetition of the same process. After passing through the wave-shaped plate demister, the gaseous stream would not contain mist.


Demisting Efficiency:

• Vane type demister can remove liquid drops with size of over 10μm with filtration efficiency of 99~99.5%.


Typical Application: 

• Separation of gas, liquid and entrainment for saturated steam and secondary steam to improve steam quality

• Separation of gas and liquid after cooling tower, washing tower and saturation tower to ensure safe and reliable operation of downstream equipment

• Separation of condensate and mist for cooled compressed gas to prevent blockage and damage to downstream equipment caused by condensate and mist

• Removal of mist from recycling and purifying device to recycle valuable materials and ensure process indicators compliance

• Separation of mist in hydrogen/nitrogen compressor to avoid catalyst damage caused by mist

• Desulfurization and separation of entrainment in coal gas desulfurizing unit

• Demisters can be installed both horizontally and vertically
• Vane type demisters can remove droplets above 10 microns at an efficiency of up to 99 - 99.5%
• Improve quality of saturated steam by operating as a secondary gas/liquid entrainment separator
• Ensure safe & stable operation of downstream equipment after cooling towers, scrubbers and liquid/gas separators by removing entrained liquids
• Prevent clogging and damage of downstream equipment after oil mist separators and compressed gas condensers by removing condensate
• Recovers valuable materials, & maintains outlet stream quality
• Removes oil from gas compressors to protect catalysts
• Removes sulphur from process streams in desulphurization plants
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