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Feature-Tec specially designed a patented internal frame with a spiral welding structure to prevent string wound cartridges being easily getting deformed. This cellular structure prevents side leakage, reduce pressure drop, increase pollutants holding capacity and ensure high filtration accuracy. Feature-Tec String Wound Filter Cartridges can effectively filter suspended micropollutants or particles from low viscosity and low impurity count liquid or gas streams. String wound cartridges are widely used in organic solvents, food & beverages, electronics, and various other industries.


String Wound Filter Cartridge Product Features:

• The cellular structure with compact inside and unconsolidated outside can realize deep filtration of liquid to effectively remove impurities

• Gradient filtration pore structure ensures maximum filtering accuracy

• Non-standard design is available based on customer’s requirements


Customers can:

     • Choose spiral welding framework to ensure element has sufficient stiffness, high pressure differential environment

     • Choose from a range of materials based on chemical compatibility for the specific process fluid

     • Choose from a range of pore diameter/ micron ratings

     • Choose from a range of connection types based on your vessel design


String Wound Cartridge Types:

Bleached Cotton String Wound Cartridge


     • Made of sanitary food-grade material

     • High porosity and pollutant holding capacity

Application Examples:

     • Beverage production

     • Aromatic solvent

     • Water treatment

     • Photographic film

     • Lubricant

     • Edible oil

     • Pharmaceuticals


Fiber Glass Wound Cartridge


     • Resistant to temperature > 300℃ and suitable for high temperature medium

     • Strong chemical compatibility and suitable for various filtration environments

Application Examples:

     • Conduction oil and high temperature flux


Nylon String Wound Cartridge


     • Strong chemical compatibility

     • Capability of filtering various organic solvents

Application Examples:

     • Wastewater

     • Organic solvents



Accuracy & Flow Rate Table

 Accuracy & Flow Rate

Filtration Accuracy (um)   1    3    5   10   20   30   50 
 Maximum Flow Rate (L/m)   9   12   18   30   37   42   44 

Note: the length of filter cartridge tested is 250mm, at a pressure differential of 0.02MPa. The tested medium is clean water at room temperature. 

Max. Pressure: ≤0.5MPa
Max. Pressure Drop: 0.2MPa
Max. Working Temperature:
Polypropylene: polypropylene core ≤70℃, stainless steel core ≤90℃   
Cotton: Stainless steel core ≤120℃。
String wound filter cartridges are applicable for a wide range of applications
Food & Beverages: Mineral Water, Purified Water, Alcohol, Edible Oils
Electronics: Electroplating Solution, Alkali Solution
Petrochemicals, Paints, Inks, Coatings
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