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Feature-Tec C1.5 Series Elements



The Feature-Tec C1.5 series elements are efficient filter-separator elements,the molded fiberglass tube is constructed of graded glass fibers,compressed to the proper density and bonded with inert phenolic binders;
The fiberglass tube is supported by a heavy-duty,spiral locked center core for superior resistance to collapse which caused by high differential pressure,the center core can withstand over 75 PSI differential pressure;
The metal end caps are mechanically attached to the center core for structural strength, the fiberglass media is attached to the end caps with a highly resistant adhesive to prevent any possibility of bypass;
Buna N gaskets are attached to the end caps with a polyurethane adhesive and go through a special heat treatment, using an adhesive that is resistant to all hydrocarbons.

The standard Feature-Tec C1.5 series filter element will remove particles down to one micron without excessive differential pressure build-up. A cotton outer wrap protects the fiberglass from dirt and damage during shipment and protects the operator during element change-out.

Filtration Accuracy: 10, 5, 1, 0.5, 0.3 um
Recommended Max. Operating Temperature: 275° F
Recommended Max. Pressure Difference for Change-out: 15 PSI
Seal Ring Material: NBR
*For other materials, please contact Feature-Tec
Feature-Tec C1.5 Separator Cartridge are applicable for a wide range of applications in various industries
Feature-Tec, Peerless, King Tool and Pall separator cartridges are compatible, featuring an outside to inside flow direction in lengths of 18", 36" and 72".
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