SAFT Automatic Filter System
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SAFT Automatic Filter System
SAFT Automatic Filter System
SAFT Automatic Filter System
  • SAFT Automatic Filter System
  • SAFT Automatic Filter System
  • SAFT Automatic Filter System

SAFT Automatic Filter System is an automatic filter system from Feature-Tec. The system is ruggedly built for challenging filtration applications such as high viscosity liquid.

The filter housing is constructed in two parts and is easy to open. By loosening the quick clamps or hexagonal bolts, the lower compartment, including the sump can be removed by pulling downwards.

The medium flows from the outside to the inside of the filter element, and the solids are collected on the outside of the wedge wire screen. The scrapper blade then cleans the permanent rotating filter element and the collected solids are forced down to the bottom collection area by the liquid pressure/gravity. The collected solids are then purged out manually by bottom drain valve. SAS automatic filter, motorized, automatic, self-cleaning strainers, provide continuous debris removal from fluid piping systems that demands full time uninterrupted flow.



• Permanent cleaning without stoppage

• No waste or disposal of filter cartridges

• Minimal product loss during purging

• Suitable for all kinds of liquids

• Filters from 25 μm up to 3 mm available

• Maximum operating temperature up to 200°C

• High differential pressure

• Rugged two part housing

• Purging by ball valve or automatic valve 

• No element cost

• Self-cleaning; low operating costs

• Easy to dismount for inspection

• Limited maintenance, uncomplicated, rugged, reliable design

• Continuous cleaning of the filter surface ensures minimum pressure drop



• Different materials for vessel construction based on application requirements of each industry.

• Housing Material: 316L/304
• Filtration Rating: 25µm - 3mm
• Flow Rate: 0-80m3/h
• Design Temperature: 200°C
• Design Pressure: 10Bar
SAFT-15: 0 - 15m3/h
SAFT-25: 15 - 40m3/h
SAFT-50: 40 - 80m3/h
• SAFT Automatic Filtration System is widely used in various coarse filtration applications such as:
• Raw Water & Cooling Water
• Fruit Juice Filtration
• Ink & Paints
• Lubricants & Coolants


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