Jumbo Absolute Efficiency Filter
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Jumbo Absolute Efficiency Filter
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  • Jumbo Absolute Efficiency Filter
  • pall coreless replacement
  • high flow filter cartridge
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Jumbo Series Filter Cartridges are large, single opening pleated filter cartridges categorized into general and high temperature applications. With Jumbo's unique pleated technology and an inside-to-out flow direction similar to a filter bag, these cartridges have a high dirt holding capacity, longer lifespan and reduces production costs. The inside-to-out flow direction reducesthe risk of side leakage, increasing the filtration accuracy. Jumbo is available in both nominal and absolute accuracy, suitable for meeting high filtration efficiency requirements for demanding and critical applications.


Operation & Conditions

Maximum Operating Delta Pressure:3.5kg/cm2
Maximum Operating Temperature:
GT Series 80℃
HT Series 120℃ 
Max. Flow Rate:50m3/hr/40”


Technical Specifications
GT Series

  Micron Rating:0.5,1.5,10,25,40,70,100 micron
Filter Material: Polypropylene (PP)
Core Material: Glass Filled Polypropylene (GFPP)

HT Series

Micron Rating:1,5,10,25 micron
Filter Material: Fiberglass (FG)
Core Material: Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)
Outer Diameter:6”

Example: JAF640PP5E represents Jumbo filter cartridge, Outer diameter 6", 40" length, polypropylene material, 5 um, EPDM seal ring.
 Code    Outer Diameter   Length    Material   Micron Rating   Seal Material 
 JAF - Absolute Rating 
 JEF - Nominal Rating
 6 - 6"  20 - 20"  
 40 - 40"
 60 - 60"
 80 - 80"
 1 um
 5 um
 10 um
 20 um
 40 um
 70 um
 100 um
 E - EPDM 
 B - Buna
 S - Si. Rubber 
 V - Viton
Max. Operating Pressure Difference: 3.5kg/cm
Max. Operating Temperature:
    GT Series: 80 ºC
    HT Series: 120 ºC
Max. Flow Rate: 50m3/hr/40"
*For other materials, please contact us
Jumbo Filter Cartridges are suited for a wide range of applications in the following industries:
Food & Beverage:Beer, Wine, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Soft Drinks, Dairy, Juice, Bottled Water, Pre-RO.
Fuels & Chemicals:Chemical Plants, Refineries, Amines, Specialty Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Polymer, Oil Recovery,Film and Resins.
Microelectronics: Semiconductors, process chemicals
Energy: Nuclear, Cogeneration
Water Processing:Reverse Osmosis, Centralized Water Systems, Process Water, Municipalities, Desalination.
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