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high dirty capacity filter cartridge
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In situations when there are a massive amount of impurities of varying sizes, metallic or membrane filtration elements will not be suitable. This requires a disposable high dirt-holding capacity filtration cartridge.

To meet this need, Feature-Tec has designed an innovative filtration cartridge. Called the FSH Super-High Dirt-Holding Capacity Cartridge, it has high filtration efficiency and has a filter area of up to 20 m2 and a holding capacity of up to 20 kg.

FSH uses fine polypropylene, without no additives, which has a high anti-microbial capability. It has a horizontal multiple-fold design and has superior filtration area compared to other pleated cartridges. At the same time, it possesses high filtration efficiency and a long service lifespan.

It has a larger diameter compared to usual pleated cartridges (external diameter 165mm, internal diameter 65mm) and can reach up to an effective filtration area of 20 m2 and a holding capacity of 20 kg. To ensure the integrity of the element, it uses high-performance polypropylene as protective cover as the fiber is stable and does not fall off easily, resists pressure easily and the sealing point uses Double-O opening, sealed airtight, without any side leakages.

FSH's high-performance design is widely used in all types of environments, especially where there are high levels of impurities of varying particulate sizes.


Product features:


It is made of pure polypropylene and has excellent chemical resistance, with no additive;


Horizontally foldable mode and big size design make filtering area of each cartridge reach 20m2;


High filtering accuracy and long service life;


Oversized diameter (outer 165mm, inner 65mm) greatly increases the filtering flow rate of one cartridge and maximum pollutants holding capacity is 20kg;


High strength polypropylene sleeves are adopted for supporting inside and outside and fixed fiber has a high compressive strength and does not tend to fall;


Double O-rings design ensures good sealing performance without side leakage;


Especially suitable for superhigh pollutants holding capacity cartridge filter (3LC/3GC) professionally designed by Feature-tec.




Example: Product code FSH207B1 represents FSH high flow cartridge, 20" length, connection type 7, Buna seal ring, 1um micron rating.
 Code    Cartridge Length   Cartridge Connection Type    Seal Ring Material   Micron Rating
 FSH - High Capacity Cartridge   20"
 2/ 4/ 7  B - Buna N
 V - Viton
 S - Si. Rubber
 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 25, 40, 70 um
Max. Operating Pressure Difference: 3.5kg/cm2 @30℃
Max. Operating Temperature: 80℃
Suggested water flow rate: 50-60m3/h/40 "(220-264 gpm/40")
Outer Diameter: 165 mm
Inner Diameter: 65 mm
*For other materials, please contact us.
FSH High Flow Cartridges are usable for a wide range of applications
Amine Solution
Plating Solution
Membrane Pre-filtration
Distilled Water
Beverage Clarification

Suggested water flow rate

50-60m3/h/40 "(220-264 gpm/40")


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