Activated Carbon Filter Bag (AC)
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Activated Carbon Filter Bag
Activated Carbon Filter Bag
  • Activated Carbon Filter Bag
  • Activated Carbon Filter Bag

Strong Absorption Capability

Feature-Tec's Activated Carbon filter bag can eliminate unwanted odours, tastes, organic contaminants and even some heavy metals from filtrates. Activated carbon fibres offer up to ten times the adsorbing area as standard granular carbon. The extended path creates a prolonged contact time and effective adsorption of a wide range of substances.


Feature-Tec Active Carbon filter bags can be used in any application where removal of trace chemicals is required to improve filtrate purity.



• Withstands both strong acids and alkalis.

• High temperature resistance.

• Expanded adsorption and deodorization capability.

• Can be used with hazardous materials.

• Leak-tight seal with either plastic or stainless steel seal rings.

Example:AC-5-M02S represents Activated Carbon Filter Bag,Retention Ratings 5um,Cover Layer-PP,02-NO.2,S - Stainless Steel seal rings
code   Retention Ratings Cover Layer   Size   Seal Rings
AC-Activated Carbon 5um   M-Polypropylene mesh 01 - No.1
02 - No.2
03 - No.3
04 - No.4
S -
Stainless Steel
  Filter area(㎡)   Diameter(mm)   Length(mm)   Recommended Flow Rate (m3/ h)  
1#   0.24m2 178mm 420mm 10
2#   0.48m2 178mm 810mm 20
3#   0.08m2 102mm 230mm 3
4#   0.16m2 102mm 410mm 6
  Temperature Resistance    Chemical Compatibility  
AC   <95℃ S.Acid / W.Acid / W.Alkali / S.Alkali 
Deodorization  /  Recycled water  /   Degreasing  /  Electroplating fluids  /   Syrup decoloration  /   Drinking water de-chlorination
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