PTFE Pleated Cartridge
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PTFE Pleated Cartridge
PTFE Pleated Cartridge
PTFE Pleated Cartridge
PTFE Pleated Cartridge
  • PTFE Pleated Cartridge
  • PTFE Pleated Cartridge
  • PTFE Pleated Cartridge
  • PTFE Pleated Cartridge

PTFE Pleated Cartridge uses advanced technology of Di-axis to manufacture and features a high filtration porosity of 85% - 95% and evenly-spread pores to offer the benefits of a high flow rate, low pressure differential and a long service lifespan.

PTFE has a unique quad-fluorine structure that endows it with excellent chemical resistance capability, specially suited for electronics industry to filter extremely acidic solvents.

PTFE Membrane Element uses high filtration efficiency membrane , with alternating layers of tightness and slackness in 3 different layers to effectively lower pressure resistance and increase holding capacity, filtration area and flow rate.


Product Features:

• PTFE membrane has an excellent strong acid/alkali and solvents resistance

• Filtering area of 0.9m2, 15-50% bigger than that of same grade normal cartridge, with big pollutants holding capacity and high filtering flow rate

• The porosity factor of membrane itself is 85-95% and pore diameter is evenly distributed

• Low pressure difference and long service life

• Absolute filtering accuracy of 0.01 μm for air filtration to thoroughly clean away bacterium, virus and microbes in air

• Produced in dustfree environment to ensure high cartridge cleanliness

• Integrity test can be performed on cartridge

• Connection dimensions and collar ring material fully meet national standards.

Example: Product code ELCPT107B1 represents PTFE pleated membrane cartridge, 10" length, connection type 7, BUNA-N seal ring, 1um micron rating.
Code Cartridge Length Connection Type Seal Material Micron Rating
ELCPT 10" / 20" /
30" / 40"
V - Viton
S - Si. Rubber
0.05/0.1/0.2/ 0.45/ 1um
Max. Operating Pressure Difference:
• 95℃: 1.4kg/cm2
• 20℃: 5.6kg/cm2
Max. Operating Temperature: 90℃
Max. Operating Pressure: 7kg/cm2
Outer Diameter: 63mm
Inner Diameter: 28mm
PTFE Pleated Cartridge is suitable for filtering strong acid solutions in various industries.
• Water Final Filtration
• Solvent Absolute Filtration
• Photophillic Filtration
• Strong Acids/Alkali below 80℃
• Bacterium Filtration
• Solvent Separation
• Sterilization Filtration
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