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Feature-Tec Presented in Microelectronics Copper Industry Forum


During the Microelectronics copper industry forum held on the 22th July, various experts from the industry gathered to share their insights and innovative technology to advance their industry further. Feature-Tec launched a copper electrolyte filtration package designed based on our years' of experience in this field, eliciting praises from the attendees.

As the purification of copper electrolytes greatly affects the quality of the final product, filtration technology plays a critical role in the process. By modifying the structure of Feature-Tec SelfClear automatic filter housing, Jumbo filter cartridge and the Rocket filter bag to suit the industry's requirements, the filters are capable of solving current issues of bad filtration efficiency and high change-out frequency. Feature-Tec's proposed changes will improve the quality of electrolytes and end products, and reduces maintenance costs.

During the forum, Director Yang was a keynote speaker, engaging the attending experts through in-depth exchanges. Various experts expressed interest in knowing more about Feature-Tec and our capabilities in this field, making this forum a fruitful experience for us.

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