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Feature-Tec Honored as Wuxi Province Enterprise Technology Center


Recently, Wuxi Province announced the second batch of enterprise technology center designations. Among them, Feature-Tec successfully obtained this honor due to outstanding technological innovation capabilities, remarkable research and development capabilities, and industry-leading product quality. The selection criteria for enterprise technology centers are very strict, and this recognition is a confirmation of Feature-Tec's past achievements.


Since establishment, the company has been dedicated to the research and development of filtration technology. With a strong technical team and advanced experimental and manufacturing equipment, we have been continuously improving in six dimensions: product safety, process reliability, system functionality, ease of operation, environmental friendliness, and long-term cost-effectiveness. Feature-Tec has been exploring areas for improvement and innovative breakthroughs, providing comprehensive solutions for various industrial customers.


Today, Feature-Tec has successfully developed a series of high-quality, high-efficiency filtration products that are widely used in multiple fields, including semiconductor, pharmaceuticals, new energy, chemicals, and food. The company has also established six cutting-edge laboratories, including the Life Science Laboratory and Semiconductor Laboratory, which have received CNAS certification. These laboratories constitute a comprehensive technology platform that enhances the company's research and innovation capabilities in the fields of filtration materials and components. Feature-Tec strives to become a leading technology company in the high-end industrial fluid filtration sector.


Stringent quality management is a key factor that sets Feature-Tec apart from many other enterprises. Our company has not only obtained certifications for quality management systems, environmental management systems, and occupational health and safety management systems but also employs standardized management in various aspects of product design, procurement, and manufacturing. Furthermore, Feature-Tec maintains a leading position in core indicators. With outstanding product performance, the company has gained wide recognition from customers.


This designation not only enhances Feature-Tec's brand image and market competitiveness but also provides the company with more opportunities.


In the future, we will closely align with national development strategies, industry technological trends, and market customer demands. Through research and development investments and building a talented workforce, we will continuously enhance our technological innovation capabilities. Upholding the principles of technological innovation and quality excellence, we will consistently improve product quality and service standards, making greater contributions to the advancement of the industrial sector.

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