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Feature-Tec Takes Center Stage at CSSOPE 2023


Recently, CSSOPE 2023, one of the most significant event in the field of Chinese petrochemicals, attracted professionals and businesses from around the world. Feature-Tec, with its exceptional technology and innovative product showcase, became a notable highlight at the exhibition.

During the event, Feature-Tec’s booth drew numerous visitors. The Feature-Tec delegation, along with industry experts, presented the company's innovative concepts and the latest filtration technology achievements in the field of petrochemical equipment. 


The high-performance filtration product has garnered attention for its outstanding efficiency, precision, safety, and versatile applications, making it the ideal choice for the petroleum and chemical industry. These advantages leave a lasting impression on observers.


CSSOPE 2023 focuses on the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry chain, serving as a platform for supplier development, sourcing for buyers, and project collaboration. Feature-Tec's products and solutions are suitable for various processes in the petrochemical industry. During the event, we engaged in in-depth discussions with customers from Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and other regions, sharing successful collaboration cases and the latest technological achievements within the industry, earning high recognition in the sector.


We offer:


Catalytic Reaction Post-Treatment Units

Micro-Reaction Filtration and Separation Systems

Precision Filtration Systems for Process Fluids

Decolorization and Adsorption Post-Treatment Filtration Systems

High-Temperature Process Gas Filtration

Process Equipment for Concentrated Acids

Water Filtration Systems for Cooling, Freezing, Condensation, and Washing

Phase Separation Units for Desalination, Deacidification, and Dealkalization/Oil-Water Separation


During this event, we strengthened our connections and collaborations within the petrochemical industry while expanding our company's business scope and market prospects. Quality has always been our top priority, and Feature-Tec will continue to provide innovative solutions to customers, driving the development and advancement of the petrochemical industry.

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