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2020 Feature-Tec strength will be unveiled at China International Nuclear Power Industry and Equipment Exhibition

As an influential exhibition in the nuclear power equipment industry, the 2020 China International Nuclear Power Industry and Equipment Exhibition came to an end in Yantai, Shandong.
During the three-day exhibition, Feature-Tec introduced low- and medium-level radioactive waste gas and waste liquid purification technology and power plant water purification filtration and separation technology, which were applied to power plant water affairs and spent fuel post-treatment, attracting countless exhibitors to stop, and the staff always Communicate with exhibitors with full enthusiasm and patience. The features and advantages of the products were fully demonstrated under the wonderful speeches and demonstrations of  Feature-Tec staff. Many customers conducted detailed consultations on site.
High-quality products made a colorful appearance:
Feature-Tec core products appeared in this exhibition in various forms, attracting many visitors.

Enthusiastic consultation from on-site customers:
During the exhibition, customers came to Feature-Tec booth for consultation in an endless stream.
My country's nuclear power industry is facing a historical opportunity to develop with high quality and become the world's first nuclear power industry. Feature-Tec has always taken the responsibility of protecting the beautiful environment as its mission, actively and deeply promote the energy revolution, establish a low-carbon, high-efficiency, and green energy filtration and separation equipment system, help realize the localization of nuclear power equipment, and promote China's transformation from a nuclear power country to a nuclear power country.

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