Air Filters for Microelectronics
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Dust particles attached to the surface of integrated circuits could result in open or short circuits, directly affecting the quality production of the products. In today’s semiconductor fabrication industry, air cleanliness is a critical requirement in production line, making air filters key equipment. Traditional fabrication ventilation involves looping the used air, using high efficiency air filters as the medium to purify reused air. Some factories have adopted a fan filter unit (FFU). Although both the loop process and the fan filtration can achieve the desired clean air requirements, they vary greatly in operation, maintenance, costing and energy consumption. To compare the efficiency of the loop system or the FFU, testing was done via scanners.



When fabricating microchips as small as 0.5μm, chemical pollutants in the air become a major factor in quality production quantity. These pollutants might be from outdoor air, operators, process or renovation dust. As today’s advanced filtration technology can effectively reduce dust concentration in clean rooms close to zero, clients would desire to achieve cleaner air quality.



Glass Fiber Filter Paper


Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges


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