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03.28 2016

Long Life Filter Bag

Feature-Tec Long Life Filter Bag keep going when others plug or fail.

03.28 2016

Nylon Monofilament Filter Bag

Nylon Monofilament (NMO) Filter Bags are produced from special, filtration grade mesh.

03.28 2016

High Performance Filter Bag

Feature-Tec High Performance Filter Bag is made through cutting-edge polypropylene melt blowing technology, utilizing fine fibers for high oil absorbing efficiency.

03.28 2016

Activated Carbon Filter Bag

Feature-Tec's Activated Carbon filter bag can eliminate unwanted odors, tastes, organic contaminants and even some heavy metals from filtrates.

03.28 2016

Absolute Accuracy Filter Bag

Feature-Tec Absolute Accuracy bag filters are formed from 100% pure polypropylene microfibers, eliminating additives which can contaminate filtrate.

03.28 2016

Needled Felt Filter Bag

Needled felt is the most common media used in economic disposable bag filters.

03.28 2016

Speedo Multi Bag Filter Housing

Speedo Multi-Bag Filter Housing feature a self-balancing V-clamp locking mechanism, a break-through from conventional designs.

03.28 2016

BVM Multi Bag Filter Housing

Feature Tec's BVM multi-bag filter features side inlet and bottom outlet, providing easy and complete drainage.

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